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Welcome to Oasis Acupuncture of Syracuse, NY!

Oasis Acupuncture is a family practice Chinese Medicine Clinic in Syracuse , NY and we offer a broad range of Chinese traditional medicine treatments in the Central New York region. We are located in Onondaga County, with offices in Fairmount & Syracuse.   We also accept NY State No Fault Insurance & Workers Comp.    Please check your health insurance benefits to see if you have acupuncture benefits with your health care plan.

Toni Hoelting, L. Ac. is classically trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and is a NCCAOM board certified, licensed acupuncturist. Toni received her Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine from East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, FL. In addition to the 4 yr Masters Degree program, Toni also did an internship at Health South Rehab Hospital in Sarasota for post-stroke, Huntington’s Chorea, MS & pain management patients. She is licensed by NY state to perform acupuncture, moxibustion, auricular therapy, tui na (Chinese massage), gwa sha, ear stapling & herbal/nutritional counseling.

By having extensive classroom and clinical training, Toni can identify distinct patterns of disharmony in her patients’ bodies. By helping to rectify these disharmonies, a state of balance can be attained in order to prevent disease & eliminate pain.

Toni strives to enrich her community and surrounding areas by providing an effective alternative for restoring natural health through awareness and balance. She further developed her understanding of the correlation between body, mind & spirit by studying homeopathy, acutonics (sound /vibrational healing) light therapy and NET (neuro – emotional technique.)

Initial Acupuncture treatment: $85.00
Follow up Acupuncture treatments: $65.00
ELR Facials $85
Ear Stapling $100

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